About Us

Increasing interest in vintage and classic implements has enabled Westlake Plough Parts to develop a specialist business, focusing on the supply of spares for this fast growing sector.

Recognising the changing market at an early stage has enabled Westlake to build a name for itself within this specialist market place. Westlake Plough Parts was set up in 1995 by Mark Weston from his home at Westlake Lodge situated on the outskirts of Peakirk, near Peterborough.

Rapidly-rising prices for tractors coupled with much greater participation in ploughing matches has fuelled demand both for complete implements and the spare parts needed to get and keep them working. With a lifetime’s knowledge and involvement in agriculture and agricultural engineering, Mark knows what customers are after.

Growing up on a small farm in the next village and working in farm engineering and agricultural repairs, coupled with learning the art of welding and fabrication, led to Mark’s interest in this field. Since a child Mark collected horse ploughs, worked on agricultural repairs in his spare time whilst studying and generally took an interest in agricultural machinery and the demand of such products whilst attending farm sales around the country. So, when the company where he’d developed his fabrication and welding skills at for twelve years, closed down, it was a seamless transition to start his own business.